Natural birth of a Child

When child comes in this world. It struggles initially & requires support from its close ones like parents.
The world is full of competition. Each & everybody is running. People run for job or their own business.
When kids grow they start running for their school,tuitions,college. They compete with other students.
Life is full of ups & downs, sadness & happiness, achievements & failures. These can be called as various colors of life. When a child starts growing, it starts experiencing these colors of life within & outside family also.

Outside Obstacles

The life in the outside world is very tough, that is even realized by we grown ups also. The current economical,environmental conditions are very tough. The entire globe is suffering the issues like wars etc. We can find in-eqality at national & international level in each & everything. The climatic conditions, economical. In-equality in distribution of population, wealth. Some countries are very poor, some are very rich etc. The future is going to be very very tough. The tenure of human life is going down & down, though the development is happening in medical science. The number of vaccinations or medicines are increasing but at the same time the number of diseases amongst humans & animals are also increasing due to changing environmental conditions.
The value of money 100000 may be after 25 years when our kids grow up will be 50000 or even lesser.

Request to Parents

Parents have to give their best while they brought up their children. Only feeding children is not the duty of parents, this is even done by the wild animals in the jungle. We have to make our children mentally & physically strong to take up the challenges in the outside world when they start growing.

If our child is physically strong then that will also become mentally strong to take on challenges in the life.

We have to give them best education eyeing the future scope for that education to get a suitable job & earning. We have to keep ready for them money, house,property etc. We have to give them a strong base. This will be secondary plan in case the child is not able to adjust with the competition outside & fails to run along with others.
Primary plan will be to encourage them to establish themselves in each & every area.
If parents cannot ensure of such a strong support to their kids for future, then they should give birth to one kid only. In case the parents are strong enough then they can think of giving birth to second one.
This thinking at the back of mind of parents will ensure good future for their future generations to come.
And this will help in creating a better society & better world.
Parents should never discriminate within girl & boy, or in between younger & elder. Each & every kid should be treated equally.

For example
Sr.No. Parents efforts % Kids efforts after 25 years % % of increase in efforts for kids
1. 80% 120% 50%
2. 100% 120% 20%
3. 50% 170% 240%

First case - Parents has given 80% efforts in their life. The efforts of their future generation is increased by 50%.
Second case - Parents has given 100% efforts in their life hence, The efforts by kids is reduced to 20%.
Third case - Future generation is forced to give 240% of their efforts because their parents have given just 50% during their life span.

The mathematics & figures may be wrong also in the above table.

This is an example just for the understanding of comfort or discomfort we are passing on to our future generation.
Parents level of efforts will make the life of their future generations better or worst.
It is very difficult to give 100% efforts for better life for our family & future of our kids. But we have to try our level best.

Dear Parents it is only your pure love towards your children which is going to develop a healthy relationship with your children which can last for long. Otherwise there are children in this society who live within their families along with parents, with a sad feeling in their innocent minds that they are without parents.
Poor children cannot express their feelings to anybody else.

Please listen & watch this song & appeal by these beautiful kids to parents.


We have to use our imagination, which is most important human ability but at the same time most underutilized. We have to use our imagination for positive work.
If we can dream of big things & also enjoy sharing such dreams with our family members or close friends next day morning, then why don't we imagine & use this internal power to achieve our goals in personal & professional life.
Imagination is a god's gift to human being, which is not available with any other living thing on this earth. Innovation in science is a result coming out of an imagination by a scientist.
The word " Imagination" itself offers following in each of its words.

My Eleven's of Success

1) My Impossibles
2) My Magical Moments
3) My Assets
4) My Growth Path
5) My Inputs to Brain
6) My New Ideas
7) My Abilities to Think
8) My Tough Task
9) My Internal Focus
10) My Opportunities
11) My New World

One can use his imagination for success in his personal & professional life. A person can reach to any heights with the positive use of his imagination to achieve his goals.
The people who use their imagination to the full extent along with their hard work to achieve their goals in the life are called as Celebrities or we recognize them as special creations of God.
But most of the people use their power of imagination to the minimum.
Those people are mostly common people like us. Each & everybody of us is having some or the other hidden quality or skill within us which is either not utilized or underutilized.
Because we do not have time to think, we are so busy in our routine busy schedule.
We think of our monthly targets in professional life. In sales, collections any department.
We plan of achieving new heights in our career, in our organization. We put lots of energy thinking, experience, talent, calculations which is in the best interest of our company for a person who is doing job, or for a person who is a businessman.
Big Corporates are able to prepare the roadmaps of their own future for the market taking into consideration many things like future technology, future likes & dislikes of the consumers. These road maps are for 5,10 years also. The brain behind this is of a human being only.
Here we imagine ,predict with the help of our knowledge about the future of our market & companies business in this future market. This is very important no doubt.
But what about your own future. This cannot be only target for your life. You are a human being with lots of things hidden inside not utilized.
An engineer who could be a successful artist, but he has not taken interest in his art once he resumed his career. He has not paid attention to his art.
An architect has not paid attention to his beautiful voice. He lost his chance to become a successful singer. These extra hidden skills can help you to earn extra money, fame. If you are lucky you can become a famous personality with the help of your imagination with hardwork.

Lack of control over the journey of our life

But the problem is that we are not in the control of our journey of life. We are controlled by this journey of life.
Just think what you decided about your future while education in school & college.What was your plan ? to become an employer or an employee? To become a sportsman ? to become an actor ? to become an engineer, judge, doctor etc. ???
What you have done or achieved till date in your life ? Is this achievement in line with what you planned ??.
& where are you heading towards in future ?? Is that the same direction you decided in the start of your journey.??
Just wait & think in case you are on right pre- decided path, then fine or not but still you are happy earning well & life is good, then also think of making this life more better for you & your family & most important in the best interest of your future generations.
Give some time to your hidden qualities, potential, unutilized talent, skills within yourself.
Please use your other skills & try to give justice to this unused potential within yourself.
For that you need to have other targets or dreams also with regards to your hidden skills.
You need to use your imagination around your targets & work hard to become these dreams come true in your life.
There can be only two possibilities. Either you will get success or you will fail. In case you are successful you can reach to any level & can become a world famous celebrity also.
In case you fail at least you will get satisfaction that you tried at your best skills.

Power of imagination under-utilized

We start our day at 9 am till 10 pm we are very busy in our daily routine. Most of the people use imagination to the minimum. For example
While driving car, riding a bus or train we imagine a lot.
While driving a car on highway we keep our eyes focused on the road ahead & at least on 4 to 5 vehicles which are in your path ahead. This is the time you imagine about what can happen or what cannot happen. You observe or imagine the movements of other drivers & drive your vehicle safely in order to avoid any accident & safeguard your life.
When from your daily busy schedule you can use your internal power of imagination which is the God's gift to human at such an important time of driving or in other word to safe guard your own life. Then why we are not making the optimum utilization of this power ??.
If this power of imagination is helping you to save your life, then just think the kind of potential this power is having to shape your career or future.?
This was the power of imagination only which has helped big scientists in the past to bring new & important innovations in this world.
We work for our family & try to earn more. We always try to climb up in the hierarchy. That is always good but one can also make his & families life more & more better by achieving something out of his personal skills.

Please listen & watch carefully to Sir Proctor to understand the importance of “Imagination”.

This life is our last chance

The fact of life is that we are in this world today, we do not have any idea about tomorrow. So give your best in each & every area of your life.
In the old age of 70 or 80 you should have that satisfaction that you have tried your best in order to make your own & your families life better.
Each & every individual should feel proud of his achievements of life & efforts he has taken in order to give best future for his future generations. Your future generations should take your name with great respect & pass on the stories of your achievements to their future generations.
This will happen when we will start using our power of imagination to the maximum level to achieve or fulfill our dreams.
Life is only one, whatever daily routine we are doing that cannot be the only thing in our life. We have to lookout for other best options taking into consideration our potential along with current business which can take us to new heights.
This life is our last chance, hence we have to give our all round efforts to make our own & our family life more & more better.
Each & every individual has to think or ask question to himself or herself, Can I make a difference or can I influence to this society or to this country or to entire world because of my good work.Which can be in any area or can be for any good social cause. This I am talking very big but when you start thinking at this level, you will end up with doing something which might look very small for others but for you & your family that could be a very very big achievement.
This achievement will give you lots of satisfaction & may give you lots of money, fame.

Conscious birth of a human being

When any individual at any stage of life thinks about his own life & achievements, losses, his efforts towards his career & achieve something special for himself & his family & future generations. When this person becomes more & more responsible towards his future generation. When this person gets really worried about his kids & their future. He starts thinking of giving his 101% effort to make the life of his family & kids more better & future more secure. He starts imagination to achieve something out of his skills along with his regular business or may be something to achieve in his current profession. When this person becomes aware of the fact that whatever currently he is doing is not enough for the better life of his family & for the future of his kids. He gets more serious with his sense of responsibility towards his future generation. He starts thinking out of the box using his power of imagination to achieve something extra by working within the legal framework. He starts his struggle or efforts to achieve his goals or dreams. The mindset of this person gets changed.
Now this person gets geared up to give his 110% effort to shape better future of his kids & future generations to come. This can be considered as the real birth of this human being.
I feel every individual has to take this birth at any stage of his life. May be at the age of 25,35,40 when everyone has achieved & lost many things in personal as well as professional life.
At this age any person can carry a SWOT analysis (Strength,Weakness,Opportunities & Threats) of his own life or career. At the age of 35 to 40 half of the personal & professional life is over.
An individual should take a recap of his past & can plan his future. He or she can continue with same plan which was designed at the start of the career or with some additional targets or goals as discussed above. This can be a plan for rest of your life that can add better life for yourself & more particularly to your kids & future generations to come.
After this birth you may be able to fulfill your dreams which you have left behind in the first part of your life because your life was controlled by the journey of your life.

Try to be in driving seat to control your own journey of life

And after this birth you will try your level best to control your own life journey that will be in the best interest of your kids & future generations to come.
Natural birth is unconscious & this is something each & everybody has to try to take this conscious birth in his or her life for the better future of his or her future generations & the world.
I think when we are having only one life & this is our last chance, we have to look this seriously at our past, current & future life. Future always focused over the betterment of our future generations.
Whoever will achieve his dreams in the rest of his life will be looked as a hero.
Whoever will fail to achieve will be mentally satisfied at the end of the life with his 101% efforts towards his life for giving better future to his or her kids & future generations to come. He or she will always get respect from their future generations.
This second birth can give a second chance to people to live their life whose life is disturbed due to divorce, who has lost their close ones, who are handicapped in short for the people who feel that after whatever sad incidence in their life happened in the past, there is no goal in their life.
These people can start their life freshly with some goals that will help them to live their balance life in a better way & if possible they can do something for the society. They will also at the end of their life will get satisfaction that they have lived their life bravely after so many obstacles.
This may help to reduce the number of suicide cases. Because the life is very beautiful & we are getting this chance to live is only once.

Give back to society & nature for good cause.

In our entire life we take lots of things from our society & nature around. But we do not give back anything because as normal human beings we are always very busy in our daily routine life.
There are some individuals or organizations who were in the past or working currently for the social causes. They are working for the good cause for society or to safe guard the nature & the world. In the past & present also there are some human beings who were or are legends or very big people because of their good work towards society or nature. Such big people take birth, live & their life gets ended for others only. But such people & organizations are very less compared to the entire size of geography & vast population spread around the globe.
We are very normal people compared to such people who live only for others. But by giving a very strong & secured future to our kids & future generations we are helping to build a good society in future that will ensure a beautiful world for our future generations to come.
We have to take care of our future generations as the future is going to be very very tough taking into consideration lots of things like, economical crisis, climatic conditions, wars, crime,increasing diseases in the world etc.
This sense of responsibility towards our kids & future generations will help to create a better world in the following ways.
1) Control in population growth globally.
2) Will ensure better & secured future for our future generations.
3) The quality of population will improve, especially in Asian countries.
4) Population control will safeguard the nature.
5) Innovations out of positive imaginations will help nature to prosper more.
6) Deadly powers or energies out of science & technology will be used for good causes.
7) When each & every individual on this earth will think & imagine positively to contribute in some or the other way to help our nature to prosper, the entire world is going to get changed.
8) We should gift our future generations a world which is full of healthy environment, joy, peace, love & prosperity.

Thanks to everybody

I am a very common man & with my experience of life, I have tried to pass on some message to society with regards to better life for us, our future generations & to create a beautiful society & world.
In case your disagree then please give your valuable suggestions & thanks for taking time to read what I think. In case you agree with me, then please pass on my website to your friends & family members.
Social work may be a difficult task for common people like us from our daily busy schedule. But for our future generations & world we have to contribute, I will say this is our duty. We live like a frog in a small pond of water. Frog thinks, that is the only world & there is no world outside his water pond.
The way we are enjoying, we have to enjoy each & every moment of our life with our family members but at the same time we have to give extra effort so that our future generations will also enjoy their life. If we fill so then we have to ensure them a very healthy environment, nature & a beautiful world.
I feel we should get connected with each other & the entire world has to come together to make better our own lives & to ensure a secured future for our future generations which can ensure a better world for tomorrow.